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Introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming and PostSharp

Getting ELMAH to work with WCF

Storing MVC controllers & views in separate assemblies


4 thoughts on “My Articles

  1. Hi Dustin
    I saw your article on dotnetslackers about storing shared controllers and views in separate assemblies. Do you know how I might share a global masterpage in a similar way?

    Dan Dyson

  2. Dear Dustin,

    My name is Fred Lores, I work at campusMVP. I came upon your blog through Google and I was wondering if you would like to participate in one of our campusMVP initiatives.

    campusMVP is a European company that focuses on Microsoft technology training and book publishing. Currently we have several books in Spanish and a couple of books in English that we sell through Amazon.

    We are sending our books free to bloggers that master certain Microsoft programming areas so they can review them freely. In your case, I would like to send you a paperback copy of a book on .Net Windows Development so you can review it and say whatever you want about it in a blog post..

    This is the book link @ Amazon:

    Please get back to me if you want to participate in this initiative. If you do, I would need an address and a name to send the book over to you. We also have the ebook version if you enjoy reading electronic formats.

    Look forward to your reply.


    Fred Lores

  3. Dear Dustin,

    My name is Gowthaman , I working at various concepts in post sharp . I came upon your blog through Google and I was wondering if you would like to get help from you upon various aspect related information through postsharp.

    Currently i have a problem which is said to be as

    this is my aspect structure

    public class ComplexAspect : InstanceLevelAspect
    [OnMethodExitAdvice, MulticastPointcut(MemberName = “.ctor”)]
    public void OnExit(MethodExecutionArgs args)
    //Object should be initialized, do work.
    string value = ((ExampleClass)args.Instance).Name;
    Console.WriteLine(“Name is ” + value);

    [OnLocationGetValueAdvice, MulticastPointcut(Targets = MulticastTargets.Property)]
    public void OnGetValue(LocationInterceptionArgs args)
    Console.WriteLine(“Get value for ” + args.LocationName);

    [OnLocationSetValueAdvice, MulticastPointcut(Targets = MulticastTargets.Property)]
    public void OnSetValue(LocationInterceptionArgs args)
    Console.WriteLine(“Set value for ” + args.LocationName);

    public override void RuntimeInitializeInstance()


    and i my code is said to be as

    using system.Io;

    [assembly: ComplexAspect(AttributeTargetAssemblies = “mscorlib”, AttributeTargetMembers = “.ctor(string *)”, AttributeExclude = false)]

    namespace Interceptionss
    class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
    StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(“d:/sample.txt”);

    the above aspect does not works well….

    can you provide me a solution for this problem..!

    but through this code :
    [assembly: Interception.Trace(AttributeTargetAssemblies = “mscorlib”, AttributeTargetTypes = “System.IO.File”, AttributeTargetMembers = “create”, AttributeExclude = false)]

    it works well with file.create() method…..

    waiting for your responses and sugessions at earliest….

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