I have just release my latest Visual Studio Extension, ConnectionString Manager. Find it in the Visual Studio Gallery. http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/78c6d440-7a65-4ce3-af99-7e8f8e0676dc

What is it?

ConnectionString Manager is a tool that allows developers to manage all connection strings in a solution from a centralized location.


There are quite a few features that I’ve added to this extension

Quickly View all connection strings in a solution
When the extension is ran, it scans the entire solution and extracts all connection strings from the configuration files and displays the project, config file, connection name, connection string and the connectivity status.


Test one or all connection strings
Quickly validate connection strings with a single click, without leaving Visual Studio. Testing can be done from almost any dialog.


Quick open
Quickly open the host configuration file for any connection string. No more hunting through solutions and projects to find the configs.


Add, Edit, Remove connection strings
Add, edit and remove connections strings all from a centralized utility window. No more hunting for and jumping between config files to make edits.


Save connections for later
With the saved connections feature, you can store common connection strings for use in other projects.


Swap connection strings
Quickly change a connection string to a saved connection string quickly with the quick list


Add multiple connection strings to multiple configs at once
New and saved connections can be added to many configuration files with just a few clicks. No more copy & paste. Enter the new connection string data and/or select one or more saved connections, then choose which configs to write them to.


Why did I build this?

Working on a medium sized project with a small team and an old version of TFS, we had some issues with connection strings being changed in the configs and no one knowing about it until runtime. We also have split config files to deal with. I decided to write this tool to reduce the time it takes to correct and test the connection strings since it had to be done over multiple projects.

I’d love to get your feedback on this extension. It’s free to everyone.