4 comments on “DataTables != Thread Safe

  1. I saw this and your previous post on using your thread safe pattern. I highly suspect that DataTable is simply manipulating a flat data object in the background that it will eventually render into HTML.

    If you’re really wanting to optimize this you may want to get the initial data from the database into a thread safe collection and then run that through your pipeline. Then simply pass the pipeline output to the datatable’s data source.

    Sounds like fun! :)

    • I’m working with the DataTable object (instead of DataSets). I would love to use POCO’s instead of DataTables but I can’t for a few reasons. But it’s important to pay attention when working with multi-threading and parallelism. I already knew DataSet, DataTable and DataRow were not thread safe, but I assumed some operations were. But it turns out, it isn’t!

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