14 comments on “VS2010 Startup Error: The operation could not be completed.

  1. Skype recently had a similar situation with a few of its users. It wouldn’t launch unless you removed / renamed shared.xml.

    Microsoft and Skype.. Together.. Similar issue.. Conspiracy? Just kidding of course.

    • i have installed the updates but its still not working i tried what you said renaming the folder
      that did not work either

  2. I’m also facing same problem…(after Windows update file “Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile for Windows 7 x86 (KB982670)” i’m using Windows 7)..
    c:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\VS7DEBUG

    change into


    But this rename method is not working.. please give any other solutions.

  3. Exact same problem with KB982670 Visual Studio 2010 will no longer start “This Operation Could Not Be Completed”

  4. in my case the *.vcxproj.filters file was read only and I wanted to add an existing file to the project, so removing the read only flag helped

  5. Go to Run type “inetmgr” i.e IIS is open and on right corner Action window select option change “.Net Framework version ” change it After that reinstall your Visual studio 2010. it works on my computer that’s why sharing.

  6. I have VS 2013 Ultimate just downloaded, when I start it, it errors: “The operation could not be completed. No such interface supported”. So in addition, No such interface is supported. And to mention It gives me the error inRussian language for “No such interface is supported”. The first part of the error in English and the second in Russian, why, maybe because I have 2 languages installed, I have tried everything, maybe i should reboot the system after the update? Give me some clues, write to: gennady46@hotmail.com

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