While attending the August meeting for the Inland Empire .NET Users Group, I won a subscription to TekPub. The subscription is for 30 days and does not include downloads, but 30 days is enough to either get you up-to-date on the subject(s) of your choice and/or get you hooked and purchasing a full subscription.

What is TekPub?

TekPub is a repository for video tutorials on various development related subjects (JQuery, Git, Rails, Android, etc). The videos are produced by various authors but the majority are from Rob Conery and James Avery (who just happen to be the brains behind TekPub). Each subject contains a series of top-quality videos that starts on the basics and travels into the advanced. Some of the more popular and famous series are Mastering JQuery, Mastering Git and Mastering Linq. If you heard about TekPub from a friend it was probably because they were discussing one of those.

You don’t need a subscription to enjoy the content. You can purchase the video series individually (which allows you to download) but the best deal is a full subscription. 30 days is not enough because new videos are added to each category all the time.

How is TekPub different than LearnVisualStudio.net or Trainingspot.com? Simple answer is coverage of topics and approach. Some of the other video sites are very limited in content (TrainingSpot.com has moslty SharePoint and SQL 101 videos) and don’t add new content regularly and most, if not all, of the videos play out like a Dummies book.

There are many other companies that provide video training but TekPub is going to the the best bang for your buck if you want a quick jump into a new subject and want to get up and running in a day or less.

For more info, please visit http://www.tekpub.com


If you live in the Inland Empire and you’re a developer then you need to attend a meeting. The Inland Empire Users Group is one of the dominant .NET groups in So Cal. Consisting of 30+ regularly attending members, it is a great source to meet other developers and make new friends. The President, James Johnson is a Microsoft MVP and a ComponentOne evangelist. If you only take away one thing from a group meeting, it’s meeting James.

For more info, please visit http://www.iedotnetug.org